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Home Delivery Service

This service is free to City of St. Francis residents who are unable to visit the library due to a temporary or permanent disability, injury or illness and do not have someone who can come to the library for them.



  • Patron has a temporary (3 week or more) or permanent disability, injury or illness. Disability may include frailty due to age.
  • Patron must be over 18 years of age and reside within the St. Francis city limits.
  • Patron will need a valid library card. If you need to renew your card, or get a new one, we can help!
  • Patrons are not eligible if they live in a facility that participates in the St. Francis Mobile Library Service.
  • Patrons under house arrest or other legal restrictions are ineligible for this service.



The home delivery coordinator will select materials or fulfill your requests and check them out to your library card. Once a month, on the day and time agreed upon, a staff member will deliver your materials and pick up any that need to be returned. Staff will not be entering your house, so all transactions will be conducted at the door.


How often will materials be delivered?
Library staff will work with you to agree on a date and time to deliver materials once a month.

How many items will be delivered?
You can have up to 10 items delivered each month. This can be any combination of books, large print books, audiobooks, DVDs and CDs. (DVDs and CDs must no longer have a “new” status.)

Can I request specific titles?
We ask that you not place holds online as we are unable to deliver those in a timely manner. We will, however, attempt to fulfill requests, using the following guidelines:

  • Only items owned by the St. Francis Library are eligible.
  • Items must be on the shelf at the St. Francis Library at the time of the request.
  • Requests can be placed within one week prior to your scheduled delivery date.

What if I don’t know exactly what I want?
Items will be chosen for you based on the preferences you indicate on the application form. You will also be given a form at each delivery for additional requests.

What if I cannot be home at the scheduled delivery time?
You need to notify the library at least 24 hours in advance and arrange an alternate delivery date. Three or more cancellations will be cause for cancellation of service.


For more information,
read our Home Delivery Guidelines and Policy.

Kathy Stilin, Home Delivery Service Coordinator:
(414) 481-7323


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